Monday, 2 January 2017

Just trying to Survive

Happy New Year folks, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Its hard to believe that its all over, all the planning, money spent, food ate, alcohol consumed, and most of all time spent with those that we love the most. Now that its all over and the New Year is here, its time for that New Year, New Me, everyone is on a diet, everyone has joined he gym, everyone is off the drink?? etc etc. We know what I mean, its the same ould same every year, and fair play to those that actually do have the strength and the will power to do it. Me, personally I'm just trying to survive and if that means I need a drink after a hard days work, or a bar of chocolate to help me through those depressing Mondays than so be it. I think sometimes we can put a little too much pressure on ourselves to achieve all of these "goals" when life itself is hard enough. Yes of course after Xmas our bodies are probably giving us the hint to "slow down" or "give its a rest" and so we should, but I for one am not about depraving myself of the finer things in life. All in moderation is the way forward

It was a tough Christmas for me, work was hectic and of course I launched an online store right at the busiest time of year (I must be insane). I've been finding my feet with it all, while working full time at the craziest time of year. I've had little to no spare time for friends, family and even just for myself. If I had to make any resolution (and normally I make NO new years resolutions) going into the New Year it would be to enjoy my life more, prioritise the people that matter to me, and to try and be a happier person. I'm not saying that I'm not happy, all I am saying is that it can be hard to be happy in this world nowadays. With all of the craziness going on around us, it can be difficult to stay positive and to stay happy. Life can be tricky and our minds can be complicated things. I found it very hard to fit everything in lately, the friends, family, work, the blog, the store and I probably spent too much time on the things that didn't matter the most to me. But I'm trying to not be too hard myself, I'm surviving like anyone else and I'm trying my best. So going into the New Year my aim is to let go of what doesn't make me happy anymore, to work hard at trying to be a better person,  and to enjoy myself as much as is humanly possible. I genuinely hope that each and everyone one of you have a very happy year ahead xx

Luv Lisa xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Almost There - Luv Lisa The Collection

Well girls, that came around fast and I feel like I have so much to do before Friday. Work has been beyond crazy and I feel like I haven't had a minute. We are 2 days away....YES 2 days. On Monday night we got some photos done for the products and I am delighted with how they turned out. I had wanted to get some scenic outdoor (on our way to the club) shots but the weather was horrendous and there was no way it was happening. My budget is little to none at this stage so I was only delighted that two amazing girls helped me out with the photos. We had such a laugh taking them and I've never felt so awkward in my whole life, I was like bambi, didn't know what to do with myself, where to put my legs etc. However Keeva (my gorgeous model) came out and was like BAMN, strike a pose, talk about professional, she looked unreal and put me to shame. Amy (the photographer) was fantastic giving us both direction and making us feel at ease, I honestly cannot thank them both enough xx

I'm still working away on the website and I'm getting a little flustered but I know I just need to apply myself, take a few hours and finish it off. I'm learning as I go and like I said with little to no budget at this stage. I feel like I've so much is riding on this and I'm getting really nervous, I naturally overthink everything anyway, I just really want this to be a success. Everyone has been so supportive and I know everyone is dying to see the launch. I put alot of thought into the pieces I choose, and I picked them for a specific reason with a specific people in mind. As I said before, quality is a big one for me and I think at this stage I would describe the collection as a cross between the high street and a boutique. 

So the countdown is on, and I think I will release pictures of all the 5 items between now and Friday for the launch (so you can have your favourite picked) I will not be re-purchasing any of the items because instead I have decided that I will order new pieces/outfits after each one is sold. It means that the likely-hood of you ending up at a party and someone else is wearing your outfit won't happen. Plus I will always have something new and different anytime you revisit the website. 

So fingers crossed for me xx
From one very excited and nervous girl xx

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Flawlessly Festive

Hello girls,

Well after yesterdays post I wanted to do something a little more light hearted. As the festive seasons quickly approaches (6 weeks to xmas eve, yes I am a freak) its is now the time to book in with for any Makeup/Hair appointments you may need. We all love to doll ourselves up and of course we all love a treat especially at this time of year. So I said I would compile a list of Makeup Artists I have used or love to follow. I am always a last minute kinda girl when it comes to bookings but it seems if you want to look flawless for the festive season then now is the time to book in, as their appointments fill up fast

I've worked with Shannon on numerous occasions and we have actually done events together, she is such a beautiful girl with an amazing natural talent. A young mum with a mountain of ambition and a good head on her shoulders, she always blows me away with her attitude towards the industry. She works freelance and is available for bookings

I actually worked with Alannah years ago in River Island, seems like forever ago now. We recently started chatting again through social media and I love that she is a very independent woman that has overcome many changes in her life. She is a hard working mother, that has went back to college to pursue her dreams and work in the makeup industry. She is now working freelance and has just teamed up with a hair stylist to give a complete package of pampering all from your home

I meet Gemma a few months go after chatting back and forth through snapchat, when she was kind enough to attend an event I hosted. She is such a lovely person and super talented also. She has previously worked in Cari's Closet before recently deciding to now freelance. She travels to your home and she is very flexible. Not only will you be able to have a makeup application but she also offers hair services

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the dynamic duo at a masterclass recently. Two inspirational and hard working women that have just launched their own online store. Also the brand ambassadors for Makeup Revolution/TAM beauty. As busy and all as they are they also provide professional makeup application and makeup classes